Trip De’ Lava 2k14

So this was basically planned to be a breakfast ride with the group  and be back home early in the monsoon rains. I had no idea what I was heading into.
The meeting time was decided at 7am in the morning but as the rain gods were in full swing the riders were only two….My self and Animegh Das. However we planned that we would ride how bad the weather is or what ever the number is.


We planned to stop for breakfast almost riding for 25kms at a small area called Sevoke.
Soon we were on the way through the wonderful Dooars. Crossing almost 5-6tributaries and 3-4 small towns on NH31 we finally we took the left turn towards our planned destination Gorubathan .
We had to ride a path of gravel for almost 5-6kms before the destination arrived and trust me it seemed like 10-15 kms and the road was sooooooooooo baaaaaaad.😆


Words would be unable to express the destination it was too mesmerizing a  stream flowing below a small bridge. At a first glance it would be a child’s drawn scenery.
Exploring Gorubathan


Mesmerizing views from a height and they are enough to make you lost among them and trust me if you are a shutter bug a day is not enough. Every turn out here gives you a new view and trust me the views are more than just good.


The machine
Post this pic we met a localitie who said us that there is a monastery near by and we can visit that as well as it looks quite amazing.


The gorubathan monastery

The respect towards my machine


Post this I was planning for my return back home but my partner said that why don’t we make the day count riding it whole day. No network zones all around no way to inform anyone how and where we are I said fine let’s do it. ( Fact : I said yes to hell unknowingly )
Next we planned the trip it would be GORUBATHAN>LAVA>KALIMPONG>SILIGURI
That would make it  a full circuit ride.
The ride retains at a good pace. More awesome the views more worse the roads were. They were contradictory to each other and they gave me all over Dafaq!!!! situations all over and again.

Landslided road

It was soon afternoon and we saw no other living human being post GORUBATHAN. It took us almost 2 hours to reach Lava from Gorubathan. So the road conditions were very very and very worse

My partner wanted this pic badly

Lava a small town with a monastery as the main attraction we had a pack of chips and some water to hydrate our selves And get on with the ride. Post this the road conditions were worse. A glimpse of this👇

Correct....there was no road

The whole area was affected by massive and numerous land slides. Finally we reached Kalimpong and had some good food. What could be better than…. “MOMOS”
after this we headed back towards Siliguri  the road was fine,but  that day I had Indeedly said YES to hell unknowingly.

The Mototourer😎


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